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Welcome to Heart of Gold

This is the new place for the source code of Heart of Gold, the open source middleware for combining shallow and deep NLP components. Via this Trac system on, there is now a world-readable subversion repository for the Heart of Gold source code as well as a ticketing system. You may also register to this trac system to gain write access.

Remote access to the Heart of Gold subversion repository is possible e.g. via

svn checkout hog-trunk

for the current development snapshot or

svn checkout hog-1.5

for the latest release version (1.5), roughly as of August 2008.

This checks out the current stable version (trunk) to the local directory hog. Supplementary libraries etc. can be downloaded from

There is now also an installation script that checks out the sources and downloads the most important components.

Documentation, release notes and installation instructions can be found in this PDF.

It would be nice if you'd give feedback about the usage of the middleware. You may also consider submitting/checking tickets via the trac system.


The core source code of middleware is licensed under the LGPL, parts are under the Apache Software License. Please note that NLP components for which Heart of Gold provides adapters ('Modules'), come with their own, different licenses, most of them free for non-commercial and scientific use. Further details are available at and

Copyright (c) 2003-2008 DFKI GmbH

Maintainer: Ulrich Schaefer <Ulrich.Schaefer@…>

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